Terms & Conditions


By buying a product, customer agrees to the Terms & condition.

Customer will receive a copy of the Terms & Condition in PDF via email and Paper together with the product once the payment is done. Paper is only available for hardware purchases.

Any (Mayor)changes to this agreement will be notified to customer, and customer has the right to decline the updated agreement before the due date.


This website is a static website, javascript can be disabled without losing(or breaking) any functionality.

There is an Angular version in development, once finished, if you prefer to use that version instead, just be sure to enable javascript(you'll be redirected automatically).

Product Pictures

customer has the right to ask for pictures of refurbished products. Those will be stored at https://cloud.aytacworld.com with password protection. Credentials will be send to customer.

The ownership of the pictures will be transfered to customer after the payment is done.

After the ownership is transfered to customer, he has the right to ask for deletion of the pictures.

If customer doesnot inform Libreshop about this, the pictures will be kept for a duration of one year, then deleted.

If Libreshop doesnot delete the pictures after a duration of one year, customer will inform Libreshop about it, so the pictures will be deleted immediatly.

Libreshop has the right to block the access to the pictures, while the ownership is not transfered.

Libreshop has the right to ask customer to use the pictures for other purposes, customer has the right to decline, once he obtains the ownership.

Pictures, used in the products page, can be different from the actual product(eg. actual product contains a scratch while picture doesn't show this, ...).


All new products or changed (new)parts of products has 2 year warranty by default. Currently we do not offer warranty extensions.

Refurbished or used products or (used)parts of products do not have warranty by default. However, if there is warranty applied, it should noted on the product page.


Customer has the right to return a product within 14 days once customer receives the product. Customer accepts to pay the shipment costs of the product.

Refund will be executed the same day the product is received by Libreshop.

Refunds will be declined without a valid reason after 14 days, once customer receives the product.



Shipment will be done by Bpost by default.

However, customer has the right to propose shipment alternatives. Libreshop has the right to decline the proposed shipment alternatives.



Libreshop does not cover any cost regarding to customs.

The price and the product description will be added to custom clearance.

Online Dispute Resolution for End Customers

The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution, consumers have the opportunity to use this platform for the settlement of their dispute.

Platform of the EU-commission for online dispute resolution: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/

Our contact for consumers complaints is info@libreshop.eu.