Frequently Asked Questions

Is libreshop a company?

Libreshop is a webshop brand created by Aytacworld.

What kind of company is Aytacworld?

Aytacworld is based in Belgium, and focuses mainly on software development.

Why should I buy, while there are others?

We encourage you to compare us with others, and we want to provide the best service.
We also sell cheaper than other official shops.

How is it possible to sell cheaper than other shops?

We try to make deals with suppliers and buy in large quantities and some of the costs are backed by Aytacworld. We want to make profit, but we also want it affordable for everyone.
By competing with others, we hope to reduce the general price of privacy focused hardware.

I like your cause, can I donate?

Yes, while we are mainly backed by Aytacworld, we can use the donations for building extra services, spending more time in Libreshop. And the donation is only used for Libreshops purpose.

Can I flash/root/build the product myself?

Yes of course, we are living in the age of internet, you can find tutorials everywhere. But to make it easy for you, you can also visit our Tutorials" page, and see how we flash/root/build our products.

What payment do you accept?

Currently, we only accept Bank Wire Transfer, in the future we will add more payment options. If you prefer another payment method, you can always ask it by email.

Where do you ship?

We are shipping worldwide, see the zones for more info on which zone you are in, to calculate the shipping price.The shipment is done by B-post, but for international shipment, we had some troubles in the past, so if you prefer another company(UPS, DHL, ...) delivers your shipment, you can ask for it(and point us to their website), so we sill look up if it is feasable and use the shipping cost the shipping company asks.

Do you use trackers or save user data?

This website is hosted on static webserver, so we do not do any serverside tracking and we also do not use any client side analytics.

Are you going to use tracking or analytics in the future?

Currently, we don't have any plans in doing so, but if we intent to use analytics/tracking in the future, we are going to our best to comply with GDPR and other rules and you will be notified about it.

I have another question

Send us an email and we will try to reply in 48h. except if the shop is closed due to vacation or technical issues