Libreshop is a webshop created by Aytacworld.

We believe strongly in free hardware and software, that's why we created the webshop under this brand.
The main goal is to sell free hardware and software, but we will also add services like flashing, rooting, building, documenting, ...
You can find free(as in freedom) software and hardware.

While not all hardware we sell are 100% free, you will be notified if that's the case, you will be informed during the ordering process about it, so you know what you are buying before payment take place.

We also apply for RYF certification, once a product is cerified, it will also get the certificate on the product page and you can check it on the website of Free Software Foundation.

We take orders from all over the world.


Aytacworld is a consulting company. Based in Belgium with VAT number BE0676.352.096.

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Here you can find all the turorials for your libre hardware and services

latest added: Flashing x200 within the Laptop(Internal)

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